David and Shonda Tompkins

Fun facts along with personal links to their social media sites.

David's Email: [email protected]
Shonda's Email: [email protected]

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Shonda's Facebook: @Shonda.tompkins

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David's Twitter: @DavidTompkins78
Shonda's Twitter: @MissionGirl1967

Saved: David and Shonda were both born-again on the same day of January 20, 1985 at Southwest Church in OKC under the leadership of then Pastors Leonard and Ann Clayburn.

Family: David and Shonda were married on September 21, 1985; oldest son Dustin & Andrea (daughter-in-law), Charlotte (granddaughter), Hunter (grandson), Amelia (granddaughter) and Eleanor (granddaughter); and our youngest son Dillon Scott.

Graduated Capitol Hill High School in OKC, OK ('78)
Graduated Rhema Bible Training Center ('92-'94) in Broken Arrow, OK

Graduated Western Heights High School in OKC, OK ('85)
Graduated Vine Life Ministries Counseling Center ('14-'15) in OKC, OK

Previous Lines of Work:
Both: Lead Co-Pastors; Associate/Youth Pastors
David's skills: Carpenter/Remodel; Automotive Paint and Body; Welder
Shonda's skills: Receptionist; Counseling; Housekeeping;

One of the Things We Find Most Fascinating:
David: People watching
Shonda: The beach and ocean


Our favorite sports team ever... Here we are at the OU stadium ready for Gameday!



Books: Relentless by John Bevere, The Blessed Church by Robert Morris, The Life-Giving Church by Ted Haggard, Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders
Food: Meatloaf
Snack-Food: Homemade Rice Krispie Treats
Movies: The Bourne Series, Tombstone,
TV Show: CSI: Vegas
Musical Artists: Gateway Worship, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Bethel, Stevie Ray Vaughn
Actor: Matt Damon
Time of Day: 10:30 pm
Season: Fall
Place in the World: Caribbean Islands
Place to Pray: Outdoors
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, Hunting, Off-Road trail riding,
Scripture: Ephesians 3:20
Sports Team: Oklahoma Sooners
Sport: College Football


Books:The Bible, Bruchko by Bruce Olsen, Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore, Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs
Food: Mexican
Snack-Food: Popcorn with parmesan cheese
Movies: Remember the Titans, Rainman, I am Legend
TV Show: CSI Vegas
Musical Artists: Jesus Culture, Bethel Worship, Hillsong, Elton John
Actor: Jack Nicholson
Time of Day: Right before sunset
Season: Summer
Place in the World: Grand Caymen Island
Place to Pray: While running
Recreational Activities/Hobbies:  Riding the Harley, running, deer hunting with my husband, having coffee with good friends
Scripture: Ephesians 2:10
Sports Team: Oklahoma Sooners, Okc Thunder
Sport: College Football

Least Favorites

Pastor David:

Food: Liver
Snack-Food: Celery
Time of Day: 4:00 am
Season: Hot Summers
Place in the World: Where there's high humidity
Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys
Sport: Soccer

Pastor Shonda:

Food: Liver
Snack-Food: Wasabi peas
Time of Day: Very early morning
Season:  Winter
Place in the World: Any where that has a lot of snow or extreme cold
Sports Team: University of Texas
Sport: Curling (what a joke)

Best Thing Someone Ever Said to You
David: You don't have to take a back seat to no one. Your leadership qualities are top notch.
Shonda: You are a diamond in the rough and will make an impact in your world.

Life Motto
David: Always strive to do what's right.
Shonda: Start strong, stay strong, finish strong.

Two People I'd Like to Meet
David: Billy Graham and Bob Stoops
Shonda: Beth Moore and Rachel Rae

My Heroes
David: My wife, my sons, my dad & mom
Shonda: My husband, my mother-in-law, my dad

One of My Greatest Experiences with God
David: Youth Camp ('72)
Shonda: Winter Bible Seminar ('93) @Rhema Church, Broken Arrow, OK

Most People Don't Know This About Me
David: I'm mostly shy, considered to be a moderate introvert.
Shonda: I have an obsession with flossing and clean teeth.