Discipleship & Training

Every year we're training and equpping believers to follow Christ and live out the Gospel for a watching world.

What is Discipleship?

While every disciple is a believer, not every believer is necessarily a disciple.

Many may think that the term disciple refers only to the early followers of Christ. We know that they were a praying, worshiping, loving, giving, and evangelizing group of men and women who refuse to keep the truth of the gospel to themselves. Yet, God still desires disciples today – ordinary people like you and me whom God can use to do extraordinary things.

The Christian experience of the believers in the first century church may seem radical to many in the church today, but to those early believers, it was normal Christianity and these men and women – empowered and motivated by the Holy Spirit – turn their world upside down for the sake of Christ. In short, they were true disciples of Jesus Christ.


Discipleship and Training

God has blessed David and Shonda along with Praise Ministries Int'l with practical and effective strategies for evangelism and discipleship. Not only are these time tested principles taught in the many countries that we visit annually, but we welcome students like you to study these principles in certain training programs that we can offer.

Contact us if you are interested in a seminar concerning the topic of discipleship and training. 

What are the Topics?

In our discipleship training sessions, you'll learn about God, you learn about yourself, and you'll learn about the world.

-God's Nature and Character
-God's Intention for Individuals, People, and Creation
-God's Redemption
-God's Family
-God's World

Each topic contains practical ideas and activities for believers to mature in Godly things and we have taught these all over the world.