Our Global Influence

Our Crusades, Seminars and Conferences have spanned the globe with one purpose—to proclaim God’s love to people who need Jesus Christ.

Global Evangelism & Outreach

Since 1988, David and Shonda by the grace of God and the covering of Praise Ministries Int'l, an organization that they founded, have been traveling and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands world-wide. They have traveled to 18 different nations since that time inside the continents of Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe and the impact continues to ripple. The stories seem endless of the conversions, the miracles, the testimonies or how lives have changed and continue to grow in the things of God. Only by God's grace do we have the opportunity to be a part of what God is up to globally!


David and Shonda have experienced, taught and trained street evangelism and ministry from the sidewalks of downtown inner-cities to standing on hand-built stages in front of thousands of town and village nationals holding crusades and watching hundreds at a time come to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


PMImissions has had a hand in helping to establish newly planted church works in Uganda & Kenya (Africa), Guatemala (Central America) and the Philippines (Asia). We start with training leaders from established, apostolic churches to become campus pastors with integrity and ministerial education. Then we help to actually fund and construct buildings.  David and Shonda are committed to revisit these works to host Leadership seminars & training while contributing financial assistance where needed.


We are strongly convicted that there must be extensive follow-up to those who have accepted Christ as Lord. Every year, PMI will travel to one of our impact nations to conduct spiritual growth seminars to ensure believers, ministers and church leaders are accountable to the Word of God. We believe it is of vital importance to provide resources and encouragement to those who have made commitments to Jesus. David and Shonda have hosted and taught Bible Institutes in Africa and Guatemala with spiritual growth topics and the fruit remains today!


David and Shonda have always made it a point to refuse to travel lightly at the thought of world missions. Since the beginning, PMI has taken bibles, books, study materials, medical supplies and clothing from the U.S. Even after 9/11, when flight traveling became even more challenging, we still have found ways to get things from here to there! When we arrive in these countries, there is always a need to purchase food, bedding and even provide shelters for the people.

These projects are our focus in many nations across the world. There are so many options and opportunities to share the Good News with the nationals. We have invested years of our ministry into evangelistic meetings, church planting, discipleship training and distribution of many resources.

We want you to know that when you donate out of your generosity to Praise Ministries Int'l, it is good soil to sow into and you can trust us that the work of God continues to be done through David and Shonda after all these years! God bless you for your support. Without the donations of our ministry partners, we could not have accomplished all of what you have just read about. Thank You!!

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