From Students to Missionaries

Our students are coming from various countries and nations within Northern Africa and the Middle East. Many of them will become life-long friends developing a sense of community and family during their stay at the 10/40 MTI.


"Our heart is to help believers find their divine purpose in the sense that each of us is called to 'Go and make disciples...', especially to the regions beyond where so many have never even heard the message of Jesus and His forgiveness."

-David Tompkins, Founder of Praise Ministries Int'l & The Missionary Training Institute

The students of the 10/40 Missionary Training Institute are committing their time to be campus and their life to the call of God! That call and purpose is to become an Evangelist, a Missionary or a Pastor to planted ministries based within the regions of the unreached and unchurched people of the world. They have a desire to reach the nations for Jesus Christ and we are creating the atmosphere for them to come and study the Word of God, learn how to be an effective minister within the kingdom, and leave equipped and empowered to reach the lost people in regions beyond! Classes will be taught by David and Shonda Tompkins and many other seasoned missionaries and ministers.

David Tompkins


Students gain a Biblical foundation on the Word of God.


  • Authority of the Believer
  • Understanding Grace
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Divine Healing
  • Doctrine: Holy Spirit
  • Doctrine: Righteousness
  • Glossolalia: Gift of Edification
Students learn how to share their faith in various settings and to all religious backgrounds and people groups.

  • Global Evangelism
  • Practical Preparation for Missionaries
  • Missions and the Local Church
  • Becoming the Global Leader God Created You to Be
Students learn the keys to developing as a leader of integrity in order to successfully and ethically lead teams and influence people by precept and example.

  • Discipleship
  • Christian Ethics
  • Living in Integrity
  • Ministerial Excellence
  • Practical Ministries
  • Submissions and Authority
  • Character Development
  • Ministry Offices


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The 10/40 Missionary Training Institute (MTI) is currently meeting in the auditorium of the Busia Miracle Center (BMC) which also serves as the ministries home base. We have designated space adequate technology in place for teaching sessions where students will hear from a diverse group of experienced ministers and missionaries. 

There are big plans to build a 4-story multipurpose facility with classrooms, a chapel, offices, and 2 floors dedicated to housing students with restrooms and showers. In August of 2023, we held a groundbreaking ceremony, and the foundation of the building has already begun! This new building will allow the MTI to serve even more students and expand our production capability to impact the nations with the precious Gospel.

Our Busia Uganda Location

10/40 Missionary Training Institute-Busia Miracle Center
F3CJ+8P2, Busia, Uganda EAST AFRICA