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PMI Missions: "Guatemala 2013 Mission" Time: 23:05

The video highlights of our trip to Guatemala in 2013 with our team: Founders of Praise Ministries Int'l David and Shonda Tompkins, their son Dillon Tompkins, Daystar Christian Network's Rachel Lamb and Pastor Michael Parker from OK. Highlights include 2 churches we have helped to fund and build with dedications, a pastor's house in restoration after a flood in Puerto San Jose, new "School of the Messiah" classrooms in Patzicia, Shonda preaching at the "Women in Ministry Conference" and ministry to a church in Coban. We also presented special gifts to Senior pastors and school children thanks to the Daystar Network and supporters!

PMI Missions: "Partnering with Daystar Television Network" Time: 2:15

In the spring of 2013, Shonda and I partnered with DayStar Television Network to do some major projects for our contacts in Guatemala. The trip was a blast. We had the honor to travel with my son, Dillon and Rachel Lamb from the Daystar family. Together, we accomplished a tremendous amount of ministry through the generous giving of supporters to PMI and the Daystar Network. This video was created by the Daystar Television Network team and was aired several times that year. It is only the short highlights of that trip...

PMI Missions: "Guatemala 2009 Mission" Time: 14:28

On this particular journey to Guatemala, we worked with the "School of the Messiah" in trying to complete a project to add more classrooms. We also went on our first trip to Puerto San Jose to meet Pastor Chico and visit his "Church of the Messiah" campus there. This was nearly a brand new work here. We did a big fiesta with the church families including piñatas for the children. It was this trip that inspired us to help fund and build the nice church facility that they now enjoy. We did a visit to San Jacinto to do a special Pastors Conference where God moved and a powerful prophecy was given by David. This trip was a great success. Thanks again to all our partners and supporters!

PMI Missions: "Guatemala 2004 Mission" Time: 17:28

In 2004, our family along with Pastor Mike Parker traveled to Guatemala and did an incredible mission! We ministered in many different areas traveling from church to church in town to town. Pastors David and Mike gave away two of their personal acoustic guitars they had brought for worship purposes to some pastors who had no music in their small yet growing churches. But our ultimate goal for the trip was a "Pastor's Retreat." PMImissions funded to bring in every Pastor and their immediate family from the Church of the Messiah's organization and hosted them in a 3 day conference including comfortable accommodations, upscale foods, gifts for the entire family as well as special ministry for the Pastor's, their spouses, and their children! It turned out to be one of the greatest times we have ever had in Guatemala! We hope to do it again one day.

PMI Missions: "Africa 2003 Mission" Time: 18:59

In 2003, David and Shonda Tompkins with PMImissions along with Bill Guthrie from World Harvest Ministries, traveled to Kenya for 3 weeks hosting 3 powerful events in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kericho. After they left Kenya, David and Shonda traveled on to Uganda for 3 more weeks hosting events in Busia, Soroti, Arapai, and then Kalerwe. This video is highlights from that missions journey. Thank you to all of our PMImissions partners, you make changing the world for Jesus possible!

PMI Missions: "Mexico 2003" Time: 16:38

This is an older short video we used to promote short-term missions trips to Saltillo, Mexico while serving Kerry and Twyla Ruggles. This particular video includes David and Shonda and their sons, Dustin and Dillon with some of the students they pastored at Calvary Temple in Edmond, Oklahoma some years ago. We also had the privilege to take along Pastor Cliff Johnson from the Blackwell Tabernacle in Blackwell OK.  We hope you enjoy the video. It is about 16 min. long and includes some funny extras at the end.

PMI Missions: "Missionary Highlights" Time: 15:08

After 26 years of traveling to over 17 different countries; This video has clips from our trips to Africa, Mexico and to Guatemala. It includes highlights of travel, crusades and conferences and a team from Calvary Temple in Edmond, OK that went to Mexico. Also includes projects and accomplishments in the mission field over the last 15 years and David Tompkins, PMI's founder, with a nice goatee... Enjoy!

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