We sincerely accept your generousity.

Your donation changes lives—ours and the people we are reaching.

Foundational Giving to PMI

Urgently share the Gospel of Christ in a world in need of hope. David and Shonda travel every year to thousands of people doing ministry to bring hope and healing to those who so desperately need it.

The Bible teaches us there is a standard for being generous and that your gifts of generosity will find their way back to you.

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Real ministry is taking place in our prayer lines.

When Christ changes a life, people notice. And when it happens to person after person in a community, God is moving.

Creating New Places

Because of you, we continue to help fund new church plants, schools for education, facilities for the poor and orphaned and new homes for pastors. Just recently, we finished 3 new church buildings and a restoration of a pastors home in Guatemala Central America, one church building and a facility for a Bible Institute in Uganda Africa and the restoration of a church building in Haiti.

Easy and Secure Online Donations!

We continue to build new places for worship.

Giving a donation is a great way to provide new locations, new experiences, and new facilities for people to grow in their communities.

Strength to Press On:

David and Shonda Tompkins, under the covering of Praise Ministries Int'l, and with your consistent help with prayers and financial support, continue to encourage Pastors and Ministry Leaders in their souls, for their families and their ministry roles. Addressing everything from issues such as integrity, priorities, and rest, to pastoral care and preaching.

With your generosity, we have the opportunity to bring refreshing and restoration to God's leaders and that is one of the greatest ways to have a healthy church body.

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Bringing Support and Encouragement to Nationals

Every year, pastors and church leaders get the new-found strength to go forward and continue helping people because of your giving.

Together, we're Partners in Changing the World for Jesus Christ!

THANK YOU for partnering with us in the work of Christ. Together we become a channel for His love and life to others. This ministry is touching and healing people in many nations across the world, through our face-to-face evangelism efforts and through the far-reaching impact of our Discipleship training materials.

Your Partner in Global Ministry

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Your Donations are Tax Deductible – Praise Ministries int'l Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All gifts are tax-deductible. Praise Ministries Int’l, Inc. is firmly committed to good stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by our friends and donors. We promise to use your gifts wisely and effectively with integrity. Your generous gifts support Praise Ministries Int’l, Inc. and its affiliates around the world.

Praise Ministries Int'l (PMI) makes every effort to use contributions for specified purposes. In the event a project becomes overfunded, or its purposes frustrated due to circumstances beyond our control, this may no longer be practical. In such circumstances, PMI will use those donations elsewhere to fulfill its fundamental mission.


For a non-profit organization, financial accountability is important to our integrity as a ministry, and we have developed a set of principles and guidelines to guide the way we use the resources God has entrusted to us.

  1. All contributions received, regardless of amount, are considered sacred before God and handled in accordance with recognized non-profit legislation and Best Practice guidelines.
  2. We prayerfully seek ways to be excellent stewards of every penny in order to make the greatest impact for the Kingdom.
  3. PMIMISSIONS adheres to accepted 'Best Practice' accounting procedures and conducts an annual audit by an independent, national auditor to maintain strong financial accountability.
  4. PMIMISSIONS provides a tax receipt in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IRS.
  5. PMIMISSIONS will maintain the confidentiality and integrity of our donors at all times.
  6. PMIMISSIONS diligently seeks to pay all our vendors and suppliers within thirty days of receiving an invoice.
  7. PMIMISSIONS does not receive any grants or funding from any organization whose mission is contrary to the PMIMISSIONS tax-exempt purposes.