David's Vision for PMI in '88

Bishop Samuel Ssebuliba in Kalerwe Uganda has same vision in '88

Read how God clearly spoke to two separate men on different sides of the globe in the same time frame!

(Left) David Tompkins with Bishop Samuel Ssebuliba with Trinity Ministries in October of 2000. He is one of our main contacts based in Kalerwe Uganda which is north of Kampala. As of 2016, he is the Lead Pastor of Trinity Church in Kalerwe and overseer of 26 Trinity church campuses, 1 Bible Institute at the main location in Kalerwe and 3 village schools. This picture is taken just after they presented David with the robe and prophesied he would be a powerful voice to Uganda and all of Africa. (Photo/Shonda Tompkins)

In October of 2000, we traveled with Dr. Robert Johnson of Blackwell OK and Bill and Twila Guthrie of Guthrie OK to Africa.  This was our second trip to Africa since my vision in 1988.  Within our journeys, we were to visit Trinity Church and Ministries in Kalerwe Uganda with contact Bishop Samuel Sebuliba, the brother of a UCO college student that had come to Calvary Temple Church in Edmond OK during our leadership as associate pastors there. The event was the ALL BELIEVERS Revival Conference and to my recall, it was a powerful experience. I have attached a thumbnail of the handbill that was plastered over the entire town of Kalerwe that week.


It was with Bishop Sebuliba in that meeting that we learned he had founded the ministry in 1988 with just a handful of believers. He began sharing about a God-dream he had of a white man and woman who had come to partner with them and do mighty works under the anointing of God's hand with the people in all of Uganda. He then preceded to tell the entire congregation that Shonda and I were the couple in his dream.  As of yet, Pastor Samuel knew nothing of our vision of us ministering in Africa that had led us to start PMImissions back in 1988. During this conference, God moved in a powerful way and many miracles and healings were witnessed by hundreds of people in Kalerwe.

Towards the end of this meeting the Spirit of God led one of the ministry directors through a prophetic Word to declare that David had been anointed as a prophet to the nation of Uganda and that by the spoken Word, God would deliver and heal the oppressed nation. This is when David was presented with the robe of a Prophet that you see in the picture to the left standing with Bishop Sebuliba. Shonda still declares today that when David is under God's anointing in Uganda, he is a different man with an Ora about him.

You may remember, this time frame was in the peak of the Lord's Resistance Army reign in northern Uganda under the demonic leadership of Kony where thousands of people were being slaughtered, abducted and terrorized (this will be another story). Just a few years later, David and Shonda were led to visit Soroti in northern Uganda even after being warned of danger by their contacts in Kampala. It was a horrific time in that area. Tens of thousands of refugees had come south into Soroti fleeing from the northern parts of the nation of Uganda. Through a powerful prophetic word in a conference at the Global Harvest Church, David declared that the reign of Kony would come to an end not many days after. Within a week, the Uganda Daily Monitor Newspaper had a story that Kony had fled under pressure into southern Sudan and could not be found because he was hiding fearing for his life. To our knowledge, Kony never came back to Uganda again and the people were able to return to their homes and rebuild months later.

We don't claim that David is a prophet on our business cards or even on this site. But we do know that when we are in Africa, God moves through us and thousands of people have been changed. This is why we continue to go back to Uganda and to Africa. We feel a call that God will continue to use us in these nations. We must continue to reach out to those that are lost without Jesus and hurting under the oppression of sin and demonic forces!